About Me

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,

Hi my name is Chandra Satria Oky. I was born in the Big City Surabaya on October 13, 1990. Born the third child of three brothers

One thing sure success will never come true without struggle, sacrifice, and the totality of beliefs is more than that, we submit to Allah Almighty to decide, we will never grow up if it had never experienced a conflict (problem) how we are able to jump over the wall who will make us wiser in pacing and determining the future attitude .. Hopefully, this website useful for readers ..

The first post of this blog! Yes it’s known for a beginner like myself, perhaps this paper is an important thing for saya.karena maybe this is my first step in exploring the new world, so I love the title of this post “My First Blog”.

Yupz longer in love like a man who is arguably very moment Specials. ! Cieeeeeeeehhh, obviously there might still be some confusion there – here but so far all this possible is a proses.Dan of course I will try to continue to learn and learn again to the fore.

Hopefully this is all to the benefit of all.

Warmest regards from me.

Waalaikumsalam Wr Wb


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